Cow Paws Soup and Other Adventures

I’m in the mother of all Crazie Towns – New York City.

Here’s just a few of the adventures experienced by your Mayor.

Because I am officially An Adventuress, I went on-line to find a place for us to stay in New York.  No sense paying all that money for a fancy hotel when I can rent an apartment, right?  The pictures on the internet were just a little deceiving as this is what we found instead of an historic charming brownstone.

They were half right – Brown door, no brownstone.

I’m sure this sign was supposed to make me feel better but since our house was the only one with actual trash cans in front of it…

Keep Rats Out Of Your Community!

In case you think I’m just being a snob, this was the backyard.

Feeling a little stressed, I thought I’d take a hot shower, only that didn’t work out so well.

Before I could even begin to beg Husband to take us away to a nice hotel, he said “Isn’t being An Adventurer fun?”  I bit my tongue and off we went to meet our son, Ferb at Perry Street Restaurant where he’s the general manager.  I’ve included a link to give you a clearer picture of how it happened that I left our apartment feeling over-dressed and out of place and then arrived at the fancy restaurant to discover I felt under-dressed and out of place.

We had a meal fit for a queen – or I should say An Adventuress.  I have to say, I don’t understand how rich people can eat like that and stay so damn skinny.

The next day was filled with more adventure as our son-in-law decided he wanted to drive into Manhattan.  I’d say this was a foolish choice except his other option was to leave his shiny black Prius parked on the street in front of our building next to this bike.

Poor thing’s in bicycle purgatory. Not alive, but not quite in heaven yet.

We had a wonderful time and the two of them headed back to Philly to leave us to our own devices.

What fun!  We got to ride the subway with the scary Emperor from Star Wars.

And, much like our meal at Perry Street Restaurant, we had a chance to order exotic food, like Cow Paws Soup.

Husband is now safe and sound back home, but my adventure continues as I stay on in New York until Monday where I take off for Manchester, VT and Hartford, CT.


P.S.  Many of you have inquired as to the status of my camper adventure.  I’m sorry to report the little Aljoa is still in the hands of Anonymous Kevin somewhere near Colorado Springs, CO.  He promises a new delivery date of this Saturday.

Much like the presidential race, the residents of Crazie Town fall into two categories.  Those who are rooting for Anonymous Kevin to be the Knight In Shining Armor I believe him to be and those who feel sure Anonymous Kevin will never show up.

Stay tuned!

8 thoughts on “Cow Paws Soup and Other Adventures

  1. piecesofmyrandomness

    I wonder who came to think of that cow paws soup idea I can’t really imagine looking at a cowpow thinking mmm, this will we delicious once heated. .

    1. CrazieTown Post author

      Dear Pieces of my Randomness,
      I never thought of it that way. I grew up on a farm and we ate just about every part of a cow, including the tongue. Thank goodness Mom never thought of cooking their paws!

  2. Bob

    I found a recipe for cow paws soup and think you should make it. Step One – Clean your cow hoof very well before putting it in the pot. Sounds like good advice given what cows can step in when they’re alive and when they’re about to die.

    Hope all is well in the Big Apple and point north and east.

    1. CrazieTown Post author

      Bob. I will certainly try cooking that soup – sounds yummy…NOT. Things here on the east coast are tumbling along but I’m missing my buddies. 😦


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