Confession #131

Confession #131: I’m an Office Hoarder

I’m an organizational freak.

Wait, that’s not the confession.  Well, at least not Confession #131.

Over the years I’ve been asked by dozens of people to help them pare down and organize their offices, I’ve just never done it for my own.

This weekend I decided it was time to paint my home office and when I was finished dragging everything out of the room, this is what I discovered.

Confession #131:  I’m think I’m an office hoarder.

“How did this happen?” I’ve heard those words so many times from the people I’ve helped and honestly, I always think “It happened because you keep too much crap. Duh!” But here I am in the same boat.

I’m loathe to get rid of a single thing.

Great Aunt Marjorie’s Clock

Here’s an antique clock my great aunt gave to me because I’d always admired it. Unfortunately right before she gave it to me, she had it “fixed” by taking out all it’s original nonworking parts and converting it to battery power. Even though it is worthless, whenever I look at it, it reminds me of Aunt Margie and what she did to make it better for me and it makes me smile.

Hoarding Healing Herbs

These are all my gardening books. They trace the evolution of my thumb from black to green and although I haven’t opened a single one of these books for years, I can’t possibly let them go.

Tourist Trap

I bought this on my visit to South Africa. It was sold as a “Traditional African Headdress” but I thought it looked like a beautiful flower. It’s huge and crazy pink, but how can I give it up?


A picture of me in Paris. Postcards from our kids.  A picture of family at a brother’s Broadway opening.   Those I’ll keep for sure.

Gonna do this one day

Took a class one time to learn how to draw.  I’m absolutely terrible at it, but I might magically get better.  You never know when I’ll need these again.

Box O Books

This is just one of the many boxes of books that came out of my office.  Notice “The Art of Mingling.”  One of my daughters gave that to me to help me with all the dreaded Senate receptions.  Unfortunately, it didn’t’ work, but it might one day.  The little framed saying about butterflies is from my Mom’s house.  So tacky, but can’t let it go.

Webster’s Dictionary

I LOVE words.  I actually cried with  happiness when I received this as a gift.  And, even though I have a dictionary app that I use constantly, can’t let a great compilation of words disappear.

The Zen-ness of it all

My yoga mat that I use every morning right before my  half hour of meditation.  Okay, I don’t do either of those things – but as soon as my office gets painted and put back together, I will, I promise.

Poor Buddha – Bad Karama

I couldn’t think of how these guys found their way into my life.  But, then I remembered something from one of my blog post about my Grandmother Nellie.

There he is, next to the dog with the crazy eyes

It’s no secret, there is no love loss between my grandmother and me, so maybe it would be good Karma for me to let these little guys move on.

Whew.  I’m not like all those other hoarders.  I can let things go.

There – see?  I’m not Crazie after all.


Know another Crazie person like me?  Send them this blog and maybe they’ll straighten up.

20 thoughts on “Confession #131

  1. Phyllis Carlson

    Cay n’t resist a correction: shouldn’t it be “between my grandmother and me?”(object of a prep)
    But I really do read and enjoy what you write.

  2. One Monkey Typing

    I am crushed, Ms. Crazie. I searched all of the photos you put in the post, and I don’t see the pencil/pen/post-it notes/paper clip/thumbtack Lazy Susan I gave you last Christmas. Gone in five months! Tossed out by a professional and certified hoarder! How worse could it be?

  3. 1wanderingtruthseeker

    I just want to know, Where is the pile of laundry that hasn’t been put up yet? That’s my main thing. But of course, my bedroom is my office. I also have a problem throwing things away because, you never know, you might need that some day. I love your blogs. they are funnier than a lot of stuff I see on here.

    1. CrazieTown Post author

      1WanderingTruthSeeker. Thanks for posting. I’m married to a “You never know when you might need it.” Last week he tried to convince me to keep the broken cover to my IPhone.

      1. 1wanderingtruthseeker

        Well, you never know. You might need it someday. Don’t know for what but it might be useful. lol. grin

  4. Marilyn Cannaday

    Right down my alley! I call it “closet hoarding” and I do it too. On the surface, everything looks fine. Marilyn

  5. serenelife

    WHAT???? don’t even think about getting rid of Grandma Crazie’s Buddha! you’re organizing an office for a writer, not an accountant. I say, keep it all. for crazie inspiration!

    1. CrazieTown Post author

      Serenelife. Due to the generosity of a good friend, I now have an official office to go to write. I’m trying to turn my home office into a Zen/Yoga/Meditation room. So, sounds like the Buddha’s must stay, right?

  6. Sherry

    Ok, girlfirend, it’s time to let go!!! Look at it as a gift you give to yourself to free up your space….the trash men have been having a hey day with my castaways, and I have visions of my neighbors creeping out there in the middle of the night to look for treasures….that gives me some perverse pleasure!! Enjoy letting go…and good luck!

  7. Bob

    I don’t know how you can toss that pink, African, flower headdress or those Buddha statues. Uh-oh, am I a hoarder and don’t know it?

  8. MJ

    I better not see ANY of that stuff back in the room after we spent the day hauling it out! Deep breath, let it go!


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