What’s Really Important?

As you know from last week’s post, I’m cleaning out my home office.

To all you wonderful commenters, you will be happy to know that the buddhas and the African headdress survived.

Unfortunately, the gardening books didn’t make the cut. I ended up keeping two.

The most valuable thing I uncovered while cleaning out the closet is a box full of written memories of my mother. These were written at her funeral. So, while I finish painting and rearranging furniture, you can read a few of my favorites.

This one is from one of my brother’s high school girl friends.

This one makes me laugh. During the service, we’d shared that Mom never thought a clean house was that important. This woman wanted to argue about it.

…clean dishes are important!!!

This is from one of her students.

The next couple are from her teaching friends.

Chair Therapy

This is from a neighbor who lost a child.

This is from the daughter of friends of my parents. I love that she says “I always admired her calmness.” I NEVER thought of my mom as calm.

“…hordes of people…” So True.

And this last one describes Mom perfectly.

10 thoughts on “What’s Really Important?

  1. Shelly

    im going to have to dig out my book .. loved reading these again. so many memories of this incredible woman that created you all.. love u T

  2. Sherry

    What a wonderful tribute to your mother! I’m thinking she wanted you to clean up that office to be reminded that she’s still there with you….

  3. Bob

    What a wonderful person your mother was based on the nice things people said about her.

    Loved the placement of the “giant flower” with the Buddhas–very designer-ish. Maybe you have another career awaiting you.

    1. CrazieTown Post author

      Bob, my mother would have LOVED you!! and thanks for the decorating compliment, but I owe it all to the trendy Atmospheric Blue color I think.

  4. Theresa Hupp

    What a wonderful tribute to your mother in the words of those who knew her! I wish I’d known her also. (And her town doesn’t sound so “crazie.”)


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