Crazie T and the Whale

If you need to catch up on my Crazie Camper Caper, click here and here.

Where we left off…I’d been in contact with Anonymous Kevin, the person hired to deliver my 1955 Aljoa from Denver to Kansas City, and arranged to have him arrive on Saturday, the 6th.  Unfortunately, I would still be out of town but my good friend, Sharon, agreed to meet him at my house to take possession.

During my time in New York, Anonymous Kevin sent several emails updating me on all the work he was doing on the camper.  “Repaired broken taillight.” his text read.  “Saw that camper came with trailer brakes so hooked those up for you,”  was the next.  And finally, “Hooked up the electrical so the camper battery will recharge while you’re driving down the road.”

This last one came in while I was at dinner with some friends.  Although Anonymous Kevin had offered to deliver the camper to me for free because of all the problems, these friends became his champions and begged me to pay him.  “Look how sweet he is,” Kelly said.  Followed by my friend Hunter asking,”I wonder if he’s single?”

All the way home from the airport I anxiously awaited seeing my tiny little retro camper that I remembered looked like this.

Only, when I drove in the driveway it looked like this.

Somewhere in the month that it had been gone, it changed colors and grew about 30 feet!  I closed my eyes until I made into the garage and then pulled the curtains so I wouldn’t have to look at it.  What was I thinking?  I can’t handle that!

The next morning I opened the curtains and I swear, the whale had grown another 20 feet.  I closed the curtains and avoided the front of the house entirely.  In the early evening, I stepped out to the get the mail and noticed that although the monster loomed large, it seemed a little less intimdating.  Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad.  I retrieved the keys and walked over to take a look inside the whale.

Remember, how I bought the thing in less than 20 minutes?  Turns out deciding that catching my return flight home was more important than say, looking it over, was not such a brilliant choice.  If I’d taken my time, maybe I would have seen that the top of the door curved in a perfect way to catch rain as it was going down the road.  Or maybe I would have discovered that the sink not only wasn’t plumbed, but wasn’t even attached to the counter.  Or I could have taken a moment to realize that the lights in the bedroom area had their on/off switches broken off and were hanging by their original threadbare wires.  Or better still, I could have looked underneath the whale to discover the two giant holes, allowing access for any size critter to join me on my camping trip.

Sunday, I pulled on my Grown Ass Woman suit and drove it to the repair shop where I walked away with a four page punch list.

This whole adventure reminds me of what happens when, during a mid-life crisis, a husband leaves his wife for a sweet young thing.  The new girl seems so sparkly and energetic, but after a while you see that she’s more worn out than you realized and she takes a lot of money to maintain.

16 thoughts on “Crazie T and the Whale

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    1. CrazieTown Post author

      Dawn. The maiden voyage is still a few weeks out. She’s in the repair shop then straight from there to the beauty shop where she’ll get all gussied up.

  3. Dane Zeller

    Mayor, mayor, mayor. You violated rule 7 of Dane Zeller’s rules of purchasing. 7. If you intend to spend more than one thousand dollars, you should bring along a disinterested party. No, not all the way from Kansas City. The next person to emerge from the Safeway in Idaho Springs…preferably, a man. Or, from Starbucks, if that is more convenient.

    1. CrazieTown Post author

      Dane. Oh no you di-int! …preferably a man. Really? Now you got my feminist juices flowing. I may be an idiot when it comes to buying something but it’s not because I’m a woman! Wait, did I say that right?

      1. Dane Zeller

        I only mentioned a man because of the severe debilitations they have. Mainly, their tendencies to be negative and unadventuresome. They would look for reasons not to follow your dreams. “These trailers tend to leak.” “Does the plumbing work?” “How you gonna get this back to Kansas City?” and other negative points.

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