Crazie Town Olympic Games

Walnut War:  Divide brothers and sisters into two teams.  Find a walnut tree growing on an island between two dried up creeks.  Begin by gently tossing walnut “grenades” from one team toward the other.  Advance to hurtling walnuts toward the sibling that just hit you in the head.  Finish by begging crying sibling not to tell on you.

Corn Cob Fight:  Divide brothers and sisters into teams of two players.  Stack dozens of dried corn cobs, heavily laden with kernels, behind a protective barrier.  Begin by having younger team member in charge of removing hard kernels from cob so it can safely be thrown at opposing teams.  Advance to grabbing semi-shucked corn cob from slow-moving assistant and throwing at the sibling that just hit you in the head.  Finish by begging crying sibling not to to tell on you.

Inner Tube Bicycle Tag:  Begin with brothers and sisters racing toward garage to claim a bicycle (there must be fewer bicycles then there are participants.)  Siblings who end up without a bicycle, grab discarded inner tubes from past bicycle repair.  Siblings with bicycles ride around a gravel circle shouting taunts while siblings with inner tubes hurl them at participants riding bicycles.  Similar to ring toss rules, if an inner tube slides over a bike-rider’s head, they must surrender their bicycle.  Finish by begging crying sibling with the black eye acquired by receiving a direct hit from the inner tube valve, not to tell on you.

6 thoughts on “Crazie Town Olympic Games

  1. Serene life

    I screamed at my sister to get out of my room until she cried, then I begged her not to tell.

    Now I’m a parent and my kids do bad stuff right in front of me. I wish for the old days when kids kept their torture to themselves and parents could remain in blissful denial.

  2. Bob

    Boy, am I glad I only had a sister who was 10 years older than I was. My childhood was hard enough without additonal siblings to pick on me.

    My sister liked to play games like “Let’s flip Bob over on his back on the snow and hurl him down the hill and across the yard until he drops eight feet into the ditch” game. I learned quickly how much I hated that nylon snowsuit.


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