14 thoughts on “Killer Shoes

  1. O.M. Typing

    Lady T: Did you put the shoe on your right hand? I don’t understand.

    The policeman rolled the body over to reveal the wound that killed the man lying in the middle of the street.
    “What’s that stuck in his chest?” the officer said.
    “It looks like….like….” He looked closer. “It’s the heel of a woman’s shoe.”
    “Hey, that’s at least three inches long.”
    “A little too long for my liking. Too thin, too.”
    “Yeah, thinner the less comfortable, in my opinion.”
    “Well, to each his own.”

    O.M. Typing

  2. Bob

    DUH! Award of the Week…I didn’t put together the shoes and the brace on your arm. Are they related? Next time you wear those shoes you may want to wear a helmet too.

  3. Bob

    Call Kerry. See if you can borrow those Jimmy Choo wedgies. Then you’ll have two pairs of killer shoes. Wear one from each pair and maybe they won’t be killer.


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