Good Morning, Sunshine.

I’ve pushed through the “I’ll never write again feeling” and life is great!

But, I’m not making any promises because who knows what could happen, right?

It’s not that I like to disasterize life, but I want to be prepared – JUST. IN CASE.  Imagine my life is a car on the road, I’m constantly looking at the ditch to prepare in case my life car ends up there.  Where’s the best place to crash?  Can I hold on until I get across this bridge?  Who will I call first?  What if I can’t reach anyone?

And before I know it, even though my life car is still on the road, cruising along as nice as can be, I’m upset because I haven’t prepared properly for the life car in the ditch.

Ummm.  Let’s get back to today, shall we?

My life car is riding smoothly down the road.

Wait!  What’s that on the side of my life the road? AHHHHHHH!!!!


9 thoughts on “Good Morning, Sunshine.

  1. petspeopleandlife

    Yep, life and our cars have similar aspects. Sometimes it’s smooth sailing and other times there are obstacles to dodge and knocks to fix/recover from.

    Don’t know about you but I feel my life has been full of knocks and my machine/body has needed lots of maintenance.

  2. danezeller

    Oh my god! I mean, tish and tosh, what’s a little apprehension in one’s life? I loved the little car and ditch metaphor. Hee hee!
    It could be worse, Teresa. That little leak you have in the basement you think is a plumbing problem could be a foundation problem caused by some bad Native American karma. You know that little plot of Johnson County land that you “own”, may have a previous owner.

    Maybe not.



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