Crazie Town Meets a Dragon

Thank you, my little lab rats, for letting me practice on you.

Some days I wake up and know exactly what I want to write about and some days I need a little cheat help.  When that happens I search the web for writing prompts.  Mostly I cruise them without much inspiration.  I scrolled through this list the other day.

  1. Write about an animal. — I’ve written about my dog already.
  2. What if _____ had feelings? — Crazie Town is ALL about feelings.
  3. Write about doing laundry or dishes. —  Fascinating right?
  4. Write about a dragon. — Ummmm.  No thank you.
  5. Write about being in unusual surroundings. — Too hard.

I walked away from my computer but couldn’t quit thinking about the stupid dragon and then I thought

what if the dragon is a writer and is depressed about not being able to write?

and what if

the dragon makes herself a cup of tea and chips a piece of ice off her wall to cool it off?

and what if

The dragon runs out of ink and her ink is made from blood so she has to go find some human to harvest the blood from?

Some weird and wonderful stuff appeared on the page.  I think my favorite is:

Aunt Marlene told her she couldn’t keep waiting for Prince Charming to ride up on his white horse and drop dead in front of her.   

Does this dragon seem in any way to actually be me?  Absolutely not.

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