I’m Too Old To Have a Puppy

A few months ago, Husband and I went to Wayside Waifs and picked out a cute little lethargic puppy that we named Orlee.  Just as we were checking out, they mentioned that she had a teeny tiny cold and to keep her on antibiotics for two weeks.

By the end of the two week medication period, the cute little puppy had grown legs as long as Usain Bolt and charged around our house and yard just as fast.

At this point, Orlee is 58 pounds of pure speed and muscle.  When she jumps up on me – which is every damn day – her paws reach my shoulders and she looks me in eye as if to say, “I’m in charge now.”

Yesterday, as I was in the yard on all fours weeding a flower bed, a Mack truck hit me head on.  I hurtled backwards, glasses flying and somehow, landed in a seated position, where staring at me from her own seated position was Orlee.  She wagged her tail, dipped her head and took off running in a wide circle ready for round two of the funnest game she’d found since she moved in with two old people.



20 thoughts on “I’m Too Old To Have a Puppy

  1. Theresa Hupp

    My daughter once picked a puppy at Wayside Waifs because it was allowing its siblings to walk all over it and she felt sorry for it. That dog became our alpha dog. She knew when to take the fall, and only had to do it once in her life. After that, it was gravy train all the way for her.\

  2. petspeopleandlife

    She’ll keep you on your toes and give you more stimulation than you would ever have believed. Bottom line is that she will bring joy or aggravation- not sure of which one. 🙂

  3. serenelife

    It’s just LOTS of unconditional love! 😉 The puppy stage will pass, and she’ll become the awesome dog you’re training her to be. Love the long legs visual!


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