Crazy is as Crazie Does

Good health gone bad

Good health gone bad

This is how I started my day – with liquified spinach exploding from my blender and spraying all over my kitchen walls.

Even though I’m tempted (by the turmoil in my life) to eat cases of Snickers bars, I’ve made a commitment to stick with healthy eating which means I start the day choking down enjoying a protein shake.

My life has been topsy-turvey pretty much since… well, since January, when we put our house on the market and sold it the same day. I know, I know. That should be a good thing. And, really, it is. But, along with the good, comes all the bad.  Sorting years of crap, selling years of crap and packing up the rest of our crap.

Then we spent six months in a tiny apartment that had some kind of weird Karma. I’m not kidding. My big, lazy dog, Lola, would be snoring away on the living room rug, then suddenly jump up with a yelp, and run away to hide in the bathroom with her tail between her legs. I kind of new-agey, so I purchased a Smudge Stick at Whole Foods and came home and waved it through the rooms, paying special attention to the corners as advised.  And even though it stank to high heaven, I did this at least once a week, which did seem to help for a while, but the next day I’d find Lola quivering in the bathroom again.

Then we found a house and started work on remodeling it into our (well, my) dream home. And even though every person I know warned me it would be awful, it turned out to be a bigger deal than I ever imagined. I’m trying to stay organized but when I tried to look for a pair – any pair – of reading glasses in my purse, this is what I found.

IMG_04201. The first third of the world’s longest receipt from Walgreens, where I purchased two items.
2. A gas receipt for $65.13 (18.40 gallons of gas.  My car readout said I had 12 miles left before I ran out.)
3. The business card from the woman at Capitol Federal who helped me cash in sixty-two $25 savings bonds from my Aunt Kathleen’s estate that I carried around for two weeks in my purse.
4. One of the hundreds of receipts I have for Home Depot.
5. Every pair of my reading glasses.
6. Receipt for my, now daily, mini chocolate shake from Freddy’s.

IMG_04217. Middle third of world’s longest receipt.
8. An inkjet cartridge that I’ve been toting around since March, waiting to be dropped off to be refilled.
9. Receipt from Restoration Hardware for a can of the only kind of white paint I like and therefore was willing to drive 30 minutes to the Plaza to pick up. I frantically purchased said paint, when I found out I had one day to paint all the baseboards in my house before the floors were done.
10. A mostly broken pair of headphones that I use because my bluetooth system in my car (that I insisted I needed) doesn’t work right.
11. My snack bag I carry around to keep me from eating unhealthy food. (It’s filled with bacon.)

IMG_042212. Bottom third of world’s longest receipt.
13. Receipt from dry cleaners where I left with two heaping handfuls of their free Tootsie Rolls.
14. A note with the number of electrical covers to replace at the new house. The switches and outlets are white, but the covers are tan. Not going to work with my OCD.
15. Phillips and flathead screwdriver to install said covers, if and when they are ever purchased.
16. Note to buy olive oil – which is used on princess dog’s food.
17. Flyer for alterations – needed after daily intake of mini chocolate shakes.

13 thoughts on “Crazy is as Crazie Does

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    1. CrazieTown Post author


      Thanks, I’ve missed my Crazie Town residents too! What’s funny about the photographs is that I spent an entire day trying to scan these 3D items. I squished the lid down – blank scan. I draped paper over the contents – blank scan. I put two beach towels over the whole machine – blank scan. Best way to get a picture of 3D items, TAKE A PICTURE! Duh.

  2. dawndowney

    Weird how your house, I’m assuming, is all color coded and organized, but your purse is … uh…the way it is. Now with me, it’s the opposite. My purse has pockets for everything and I actually use them as intended. It’s beautiful inside my purse. But my house…I misplaced a bra and found it on the couch, between an apple core and a thesaurus.

    1. CrazieTown Post author


      Hahahaha. You made me laugh. Thanks, I need more of those moments. Somewhere I read that if you want to bring more money in your life, respect your money. So my wallet is super organized. All the bills in chronological order and, of course, all the bills facing the same direction!

  3. Kansas Voices

    Dear Crazy,

    I quit drinking the year Nixon resigned. I quit smoking the year Bert Lance started working for Jimmy Carter. After reading today’s excellent message, I’m ready to start again. When and where shall we meet?

    1. CrazieTown Post author


      A purse with all “important” stuff would be the size of my wallet. All the stuff I THINK is important? That would take a dump truck to follow me around all day.


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