There’s Someone Hiding in the Backseat of My Car!

I don’t really “get” Halloween.  It’s all about being scared, and I hate being scared, which is a shame since it’s how I spend a good portion of my life.

Sometimes, when I haven’t been in my basement for a long time, I get scared that someone is living down there.  I’ve never actually found anyone, so I have no basis for this fear, but you just never know.

Sometimes I’m afraid someone will roll under my garage door at the last minute.  I heard about this happening to a cousin of a friend of a friend of mine.  So now, at night when I pull in the garage and push the button, I stand terrified, watching the door move slowly, ever so slowly, down to the floor.

Sometimes I think there is someone hiding in the back seat of my car, but I do have a basis for this one. I was in high school, driving home late at night from work when someone in the back seat tapped me on my shoulder.  I screamed and wrenched the car to the curb.  The person just kept tap, tap, tapping me on the shoulder.  I tried to get out of the car but they were holding me back.

After several hysterical seconds I finally figured out what happened.  I was driving my mom’s old station wagon.  This model was made before shoulder seat belts retracted so they were stored in a clamp over the window.  The seat belt had come loose and dropped on my shoulder.  Every time I turned the car it swung around and tapped me.  When I stopped, the strap hung from the ceiling to the floor, blocking my exit.

Halloween movies?  Halloween Haunted Houses?  I just don’t get why people pay good money to be scared.   Halloween sucks.  Well, except for the candy…that’s awesome!

Happy Halloween Everybody!

8 thoughts on “There’s Someone Hiding in the Backseat of My Car!

  1. Sherry

    I’m so releived to know I’m not alone!! I slept with the lights on for years….by Gawd, if he was going to get me I was sure going to get a good look at him!!

  2. Bob

    Boy, am I glad you don’t have any of those things happen to you. You’d be a basket case.

    An old friend of mine wouldn’t go shopping for Xmas presents at a local mall because of reports of guys hiding under cars and grabbing women’s ankles, pulling them to the ground, and robbing them. It didn’t matter that 3,000,000 cars were in the parking lot because she was sure that the crazy guy would choose her car to get under.

    Uh-oh, it’s 9:15 p.m. and somenone’s knocking on my door. The porch light is burned out. What do I do? Teresa, if you don’t hear from me, expect the worst.

    1. CrazieTown Post author

      Dear Bob,
      Oddly, the “person under the car” never seemed probable to me. How does he know how long I’ll be gone? I’d be more afraid he’d fall asleep and I’d run over him.

      And, by the way, I always expect the worst.

    1. CrazieTown Post author

      Dear Dawn,
      I’m planning to add a subdivision to Crazie Town. All the houses will be without scary basements and there will be a “No Rolling Under the Garage Door” rule.


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