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Hunkered Down

I’m in the home stretch – or is it ON the home stretch? – Anyway, I’m hunkered down working to finish the re-write of my novel.  Some of you may have been around when I celebrated (prematurely) the completion of my book.  After my WTF Critique Group got through with it, I realized it was anything but complete.

I have been putting in long hours, bent over my computer trying to come up with new and interesting ways to “replace adverbs” and “fix the passive voice” and most devastatingly of all — rewrite the entire ending.  I really thought ending everything with a hugely [adverb] large and devastatingly [repeated adverb] intense fire was [passive voice] a great ending.  Unfortunately it’s been done before…and done and done and done.

WTF Critique Group challenged me to write something new and to dig deep and to…Oh, god, I hate to say it…open a vein on the page.  That’s my standard line and can you believe it?  They used it against me.  I mean, WTF?

No really, What The F**K am I going to do?