An Amazing Tale to Tell…If Only…

BIG writing day.  Blog post AND story must be written today.

Every Wednesday my critique group meets and Tuesday is the deadline to submit.  Of course, I could write anytime from Thursday through Tuesday, but I don’t.

That’s what this thirty-day writing experiment is all about though.  Getting in the habit of sitting in front of my keyboard every day.  Every single day.  Sigh.

One part of the experiment that is working, is that I realize I do actually come up with words to put on the paper.  Maybe not profound words, but words none the less.

The second thing that has happened is that my imagination, now being exercised regularly, is beginning to work again.  Last night I awoke from a very odd dream and my first thought was, “That will make a great story.”  I struggled to stay awake long enough to map out a couple of characters and rough plot.  It’s a pretty damn good story.  I just wish I could remember it this morning.


6 thoughts on “An Amazing Tale to Tell…If Only…

    1. CrazieTown Post author

      Dear Jane, Thanks for the encouragement! Imagine! There are millions of dreams out there just waiting to be turned into stories. I’m trying to catch a few before they travel to the other side of the earth.

  1. julianne256

    Teresa, you’ll be pleased and proud to know that you’re following the advice of Maeve Binchy, Ireland’s beloved author. Her firm conviction was that you must write every day, including Christmas and New Years. And St. Patrick’s Day. I adore her writing (as I do yours)! I can’t believe she’d been writing since 1978 and I just ran across her.

    1. CrazieTown Post author

      Dear, Julianne. Thank you for the compliment. I will look up Ms Binchy. I’ve been following Anne Lamott on Twitter for a year. She preaches “Butt in Chair” and maybe it’s finally sinking in.


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