Tune in on Wednesdays

Hello to all my fellow Crazie Towners (Townies?  Townites?  Remind me to work on that.)

After spending three days at the Erma Bombeck Writer’s Conference I have bushels of information on ways to improve my blog – one of which it to post mid-week instead of Sundays.  So scoot over on the couch to make room for a ton more visitors to Crazie Town, they’ll be flooding our little village very soon.

I’m certain at this point my older brother is afraid that, with all these new people, he’ll lose his place in front of the TV.  Right now, he’s standing next to his favorite chair shouting “Saved For Me!”  Luckily, I know the secret password for unlocking this otherwise unbreakable code.  I’ll place my hand on the seat cushion and yell – “Changes, Saved For Me, NO CHANGES!”

One of the many characters I long to invite to join us, is the hostess from a local restaurant.  I can only imagine how hard it is for a transgendered person who must try to look feminine in a black polyester uniform and sensible shoes, but to be burdened with the voice of James Earl Jones is just too heart-wrenching to bear.  She’s currently stuck in small town, OH but I hope to convince her to relocate.

Tune in on Wednesday when you’ll get to read the story about stolen candy, littering and a neon green hi-lighter.

5 thoughts on “Tune in on Wednesdays

  1. AnnieB

    CrazieTown is part of my Monday morning ritual. I’m not sure what I will do without it! (Maybe read work emails instead of personal emails…?) LOVE YOU!


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