Hurts So Good

I’ve had my head bent over my computer for…well, for way too long now, trying to get to the end of my novel.  YIPEE! – –  I got to the end.  CRAP! – – now I’m back at the beginning.

All WTF Critique group members agree – the story doesn’t open in the right place.  I’m starting to think this writer’s gig is not all it’s cracked up to be.

Because I’ve barely left my computer lately, I haven’t been out in the world enough to add a new Crazie Town event so I’m doing the next best thing…posting an excerpt from my book – Also named Crazie Town.  Just in case you’re getting confused, my blog is true, my book is not — mostly not — okay, it mostly is.

Here’s a true event that I included in the book.  My dad (Max Grosskopf in this story) slipped and fell at his farm.  I (Genny in this story) managed to push, pull and prod his large body into my car and drive him to the emergency room.

A woman in a white lab coat walked into the room carrying Max’s X-ray.  She slid it into the slot on the light box and flipped the switch.

“It looks like a broken ankle to me,” she said.

“Really?  Are you sure?” Max asked.  “Maybe we should wait to hear what the doctor says.”

“Mr. Grosskopf, I am your doctor.  I’m Dr. Morris.”

Max sat back in the wheelchair and stuck his hands out in front of him. “Whoa. Whoa. Whoa.  No one ever asked me if I wanted a girl doctor.”


“I’m just saying, they should have you fill out a form or something saying you agree to be treated by a girl doctor.”

Genny thumped her head with her palm.

Dr. Morris frowned and through clenched teeth said “I’m the only doctor available right now, Mr. Grosskopf, and even though I’m only a girl, I’m sure I can manage to put a cast on your little broken ankle.”

“Is this going to hurt?” Max asked.

“Certainly more than it needs to,” Dr. Morris said and walked out of the room.

4 thoughts on “Hurts So Good

    1. CrazieTown Post author

      Thanks! I didn’t write this part but I’d been sitting in the room with him reading a magazine, when he made his “girl doctor” comment I reflexively hit him over the head with my magazine. Elder abuse?


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