Thank You to All Lab Rats

Thanks, my little lab rats, for joining me in my thirty twenty-two day experiment.

I’ve realized what I wanted to know about me, as a writer — I can’t write a blog and write stories that might actually earn me a paycheck.

Thank you so much for all your kind support and comments.  It’s the one truly enjoyable thing about writing a blog.

Now, go off and start your own Crazie Town.  I’ll come visit.

7 thoughts on “Thank You to All Lab Rats

  1. Sharon

    I will miss the blog but I guess it’s okay since you’re going on to bigger things…. you will come back to visit, right?

  2. sallyjadlow

    I have two blogs: and I publish once a week, usually on Tues. or Wed. I so enjoy your blog. You’re soooo funny!

  3. CrazieTown Post author

    Dear, Julianne. I’m going to take a break and do a 30 day experiment of submitting stories to paid markets. And that’s for making me feel fabulous!


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